Pittsburgh Balloon Twister Al Mazing & Info

When you hire a balloon twister in Pittsburgh for your party: (And why Al Mazing is unique...)

☛How do you separate one balloon twister from the next?
Skill and price is some times the only factor people consider, but what about the actual person you bring to your party: Are they an introvert that will make your balloon sculpture in awkward silence or worse, embarrass the host?

⛥Al Mazing is an award winning experienced children's entertainer that performs for THOUSANDS of people every year. Al works hard to make every guest feel special when they get a balloon sculpture and does it entertainingly!!
☛ Do you make people wait in a long line?

⛥ For a large amount of people - NO! Unlike others, I am one of the few that has a "take a number" system (similar to a deli). People wont be stuck in line and are free to enjoy other attractions at your event.

How much does it cost to hire a balloon twister?

It depends on your budget and number of people.

2 Hours of Balloon Art is only $345
$175 each additional hr. (2 Hour minimum)

How many minutes/hours do I need a balloon twister?

It depends on the number of people you have and how complex of a balloon they want. Simple sculpture average 3 minutes per person. Cool Deluxe sculptures average 5-7 minutes a person.


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