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Copyright, 2016
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School Assembly & Reading Programs - Al Mazing

Al is definitely the magician you want.  The caliber of professionalism he exhibits, both on and off stage, is exceptional.  He answered every email and telephone call promptly.  Both the children and parents were laughing out loud from his performance.  Al does an excellent job engaging and including the kids in the act.  I received nothing but positive comments from the children, parents and teachers about alís performance.  I definitely would recommend Al, and already have, to anyone looking to hire a magician.  iím really looking forward to using him again in the future.
-Shannon Rau, RPTO, Rogers Primary School (Shaler Area School District)
"Al is a natural cheerleader for reading"

Reading is Magic!
Is a high energy, clean humor, 40-45 minute program reading program that is FUN!

It also covers:

Exercising your imagination

The importance of reading 20 minutes every day

Fiction vs Nonfiction
(and informational texts!)

Taking your time!
(for writing and test taking too!)

Protagonists and Antagonists

Types of reading:
(skimming, scanning, and in-depth reading)

Parts of the book

Interactive Magical Story

Al's own inspirational reading message

And more!
al mazing reading magician
Improve attendance at: book fairs and other fundraising events!

Supplement Reading Education while having FUN!

As a special reward or fun day!
With a rigorously planned school year, dates are limited.
Contact me TODAY!