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"Looking for an EASY and FUN way raise money for your group?"
Magic Show
Assisting and preparing young people and family groups for the future in today's uncertain economy is a challenge, ESPECIALLY in significant decrease in federal and state funding.

It is my mission to groups such as yours face this challenge.
Don't burden parents with coupon books and hoagies. It's labor intensive and time consuming for everyone - WORK SMARTER, NOT HARDER! Get families away from the television. They are always looking for new experiences & everyone loves a great family friendly magic show!

Award winning, all-ages, family friendly, high energy, MAGIC SHOW that is family tested well over a decade and is seen by THOUSANDS of people every year with clean kid friendly comedy, interactive magic, puppets & illusions.  Experience you can trust!

Any time! The best part? You don't have to worry about competing with other's weekend activities - during the week, everyone is out the door and home early on a school night!

The is NO financial risk to your organization. This does not cost you a dime to produce. NOTHING? We agree on a percentage on the price of admission - I also share the risk of a successful event.  The nice thing is a family friendly magic show isn't limited to friends and families, but also for the whole community to enjoy. 

Venue (your gymnasium, auditorium, or other large room)
Event Staff (people to collect the money and set up chairs)
Promote the Show (I provide posters, flyers to take home, and even a FREE in class visit)

How does a Magic Fundraiser work?
I can also provide Pre and/or Post Show "piggyback" methods of raising even MORE additional funds such as:
    Turning your event into an Ice Cream Social
    Selling advertising to sponsors
    50/50 Raffle
    Turning your event into a craft fair
    ....And More!
CONTACT ME today for more information or to reserve a date.
The award winning, kid tested, family magic show that has been seen by thousands a year!
magic show pittsburgh
magician al mazing pittsburgh
Fun for ALL ages, clean humor, interactive magic, and FUN!
Who is AL Mazing?
Al's one man family magic show is high energy, over the top reactions, clean humor, great magic and fun for all ages. He has been as such venues as Sandcastle Waterpark, Conneaut Lake Park, Seven Springs, and numerous festivals, libraries, and schools. Insured, Clearances, and an 'A' rating with the Better Business Bureau. He's also a father & husband.